It Takes Courage to Shine

Somewhere in a corner, there are these two dudes, doing their best to turn ideas into real apps. All with faith. And passion.

One app at a time,
we built it from our heart.

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Small studio, big ideas.

AdaLogica is an iOS app development studio founded in Malaysia in 2012. The studio creates iOS apps based on the sometimes crazy ideas by its founders, Adrian Hoe and Ninja Hippo. The duo are constantly looking for challenges in their invention journey, with a goal of making a difference in individual's life. Adrian always insists on creating something useful, while Hippo is obsessed with creating something beautiful. Together, they build apps that seek a balance between usefulness and beauty, but never compromise one for another. And beneath usefulness and beauty lies the three philosophies the duo hold dearly to.

The 3 founding philosophies


"To build something from heart, one must have the desire of wanting it to be great, alongside with dedication and patience. These are the real forces that push one beyond his limits. You would constantly ask: 'Is it good enough? Can it be better?' Such process is painstaking — it's both brain- and patience-taxing; but repeating it will slowly polish the thing to its finest. True there's no such thing as perfect, but we all have witnessed or experienced greatness, by ourselves or others. And the fundamental of being great, is doing things from heart." ~ Ninja Hippo


"Real problems lurk everywhere in the corner under a cloak that is difficult to identify. They are the little frustrations that have blended into our modern life so well that sometimes we simply get used to them. The challenge of solving real problems lies in identifying where is and the nature of the real problem, and weighing how one's life can be improved or made easier with the solution. Can the solution create a new kind of problem? That's what we constantly ask ourselves in our design process." ~ Adrian Hoe


"Every real problem may be the domain of its own and appears to be irrelevant to one another, but we believe all these real problems can be connected like how we are connected by the Internet. They are like dots. The challenge is how you find a connection between them, and subsequently a way to kill two birds with one stone. To come out with an umbrella solution to solve multiple problems is the real nut we're trying to crack!" ~ Adrian Hoe

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